This recipe answers the question, "How creative can you get with a couple of GODIVA 72% Dark Chocolate Bars and a box of GODIVA Hazelnut Praline Biscuits?" More than just dessert, it's a step-by-step guide to creating culinary art.

Yield: 6 servings
Difficulty: Advanced


72% Chocolate Vanilla Cream
223g 72% GODIVA Dark Chocolate
633g cream
110g sugar
2 vanilla beans
1.9g agar
3.4 gelatin sheets

Bring cream, vanilla and sugar to boil. Take off of the heat and bring agar and water to boil for 40 seconds. Combine water/agar into cream and bring to scald. Add bloomed gelatin. Strain into chocolate, immersion blend to combine. Pour into molds and set in refrigerator. Once set, transfer to freezer and freeze solid. Remove bars from molds making sure the bar is still set, corners are still sharp and straight, and store in the refrigerator. Pull out of refrigerator 5 hours before serving.

Golden Hazelnuts

Toast hazelnuts until they are a golden brown. Grind to a medium size and pass through a sieve. Completely enrobe in gold dust.

Milk Chocolate Spray

1000g micro-cocoa butter
600g GODIVA milk chocolate
5g white cocoa butter

GODIVA Hazelnut Biscuit Crunch

1000g GODIVA Hazelnut Biscuits, ground
72% tempered chocolate

Grind biscuits to form crunchie piece and enrobe with chocolate evenly and lightly. Spread on a silicone baking mat.

Golden Caramel Vanilla Paper

500g water
50g glucose
150g sugar (dry caramel)
10g agar
100g M100 Corn Maltodextrin
3g citric acid
3 vanilla husks

Make a dry caramel to golden color with sugar, deglaze with water. Combine caramel water with agar and blend with hand blender. Add sugar, glucose, citric acid and vanilla husk and bring to a boil. Pass through a chinois and set in a shallow pan. Chill all the way through before pureeing in a previously chilled vita prep. Shear in the M100, taking care to add in slowly to prevent lumping. Spread on greased acetate and dehydrate for 24 hours. Store in a sealed container with desiccant.

Bittersweet Meringue

520g sugar
240g egg whites
25g cocoa powder

Make a stiff meringue with whites and sugar. Combine cocoa powder and stir to incorporate. Spread evenly on silcone baking mat and deydrate overnight. Break into small pieces.

For the Plate

Sea Salt
Gold Leaf