Fruit Filled Flavors

Double Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Strawberry Crème Tarte Truffle

Raspberry Star

Key Lime Truffle


Open Oyster Collection

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Oyster

Dark Chocolate Almond Oyster



Crème Brulee Truffle

Tiramisu Truffle

Milk Chocolate Mousse Truffle

Extra Dark Chocolate Truffle


Creamy Caramels

Dark Caramel Embrace

Milk Caramel Embrace

Dark Lion of Belgium

Salted Caramel Truffle


Classic Favorites

Chocolate Lava Cake Truffle

Dark Mint Medallion

Cookie Dough Cake Truffle

Midnight Swirl


Nut Lover's Delight

Hazelnut Crunch

Pecan Caramel Cluster

Almond Praliné Raindrop

Marzipan Palet


Taste Chocolate
Like a Pro With This
Four-Step Process

1. When you taste each piece think about ther aroma; hold it to your nose
and describe the scent you can smell; is it fruity, buttery, smokey...

2. Then think about the mouth feel or texture of the chocolate in your
mouth; how the chocolate feels as it melts on your palate

3. When tasting each piece use the aroma chart to circle the flavous
you are tasting

4. Circle a selection of words that best describes the textures you are
sensing. Circle the words that best describe how you feel about the