Create Your Own Chocolate Assortment in GODIVA Boutiques

Hand-select your favorites from our world famous chocolate case filled with over 40 chocolates and truffles.



Made Fresh Daily

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Our strawberries are dipped in GODIVA chocolate right before your eyes in our GODIVA Boutiques. Available in milk, dark or white chocolate.

Stop by your local Boutique and watch the magic happen!


GODIVA Chocolixir

Our drinks are made with fresh ingredients and crafted right before your eyes.


Not Your Average
Soft Serve

This is real GODIVA chocolate served in a cone. Yes, you're looking at a decadent swirl of White Chocolate Vanilla Bean and Dark Chocolate. Even the waffle cone is exceptional, with a rim that can be dipped in GODIVA chocolate and nestled with pralinè almonds.









Handcrafted Bark

Now available with NEW flavors and handcrafted daily in GODIVA Boutiques.



Although few things can beat getting a chocolate gift box from GODIVA, a freshly made treat from your local GODIVA boutique can be even more unique and delicious. Find the most delicious chocolate treats like chocolate covered strawberries, hand-picked chocolate assortment boxes, and Chocolixirs made fresh just for you.

Whether you're picking up a delicious chocolate treat for yourself or finding that perfect gift for someone else, a freshly made GODIVA creation is a great choice. Surprise them with a delicious chocolate gift they didn't know about or treat yourself to a unique GODIVA experience.