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NEW to the Camex Show 2014

GODIVA Chocolatier
with Tricon Specialty Foods

Booth 3767
New Exhibitor Pavilion

Visit us at Booth 3767 to place your order of delicious GODIVA chocolate for your campus store.

Core Product Selection
  • Individually Wrapped Chocolate Bags (SRP: $4.99)

    Available in:
    Milk Chocolate Caramels
    Milk Chocolate Truffles
    Dark Chocolate Truffles
    Milk Chocolate, Salted Toffee Caramels
    Dark Lava Cake Dessert Truffles
    Milk Crème Brulee Dessert Truffles
    Assorted Dessert Truffles
    Milk Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Truffles

  • Small Chocolate Bars
    (SRP: $2.95)

    Available in:
    Solid Milk Chocolate
    Solid Dark Chocolate
    Milk Chocolate with Caramel
    Milk Chocolate with Almond
    Dark Chocolate with Raspberry

  • Large Tablet Bars
    (SRP: $3.95)

    Available in:
    31% Milk Chocolate
    72% Dark Chocolate
    72% Dark Chocolate with Almonds
    31% Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel
    50% Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
    White Chocolate Cookies & Cream

  • Dessert Truffles Floor Shipper

    (12) Dark Lava Cake Dessert Truffles
    (12) Milk Crème Brulee Dessert Truffles
    (6) Core Milk Chocolate Truffles

  • Chocolate Assorted Gift Boxes

    19 pc. Gold Ballotin (SRP: $30)
    8 pc. Gold Ballotin (SRP: $15)
    4 pc. Gold Ballotin (SRP: $8)
    Small All Milk Assortment (SRP: $25)
    Small All Dark Assortment (SRP: $25)

  • Self-Treats (SRP: $3.95)

    Available in:
    Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels
    Dark Chocolate Mini Pretzels
    Dark Chocolate Almonds
    Milk Chocolate Cashews

Holiday 2014

Holiday Assorted Wrapped Truffles (SRP: $4.95)
Dark Peppermint Wrapped Truffles (SRP: $4.99)
Gold Star Ornament with Assorted Wrapped Truffles (SRP: $9.99)
Small Dark Peppermint Truffle Bar (SRP: $2.95)
Large Dark Peppermint Crunch Tablet (SRP: $3.95)
Milk Chocolate Foil Santa (SRP: $6.50)
Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (SRP: $20.00)

Holiday Wrapped Truffles Shipper (SRP: $4.99): (12) Assorted Truffles Trio, (6) Dark Peppermint Truffles, (6) Dark Lava Cake Truffles

Holiday Gift Boxes Shipper (SRP: $11.99): (12) Assorted Classic Wrapped Truffles Gift Box, (6) Assorted Belgian Chocolate Gift Box, (6) Gold Caramels Gift Box

Milk Chocolate Santas
Valentine's Day 2015

19 pc. Valentine's Day Ballotin (SRP: $30.00)
8 pc. Valentine's Day Ballotin (SRP: $15.00)
Assorted Valentine's Day Messages Truffles Bag (SRP: $4.99)
Small Paper Heart Box with Window (SRP: $11.99)

Valentine's Day Wrapped Truffles Shipper (SRP: $11.99): (12) Paper Heart Box, (6) Bliss Box, (6) Wrapped Chocolate Pouch

Assorted Message Truffles