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They say those born in the Year of the Horse are always the life of the party, and so is this generous Limited Edition Luxury Gift Box assortment. Nestled inside a fabulous red box featuring Lady Godiva and her galloping horse are eight Lady Godiva creations (including White Chocolate Pineapple Macadamia, Milk Chocolate Cherry Almond, and Dark Chocolate Caramel Pear), plus an assortment of Milk Chocolate Crunch Carrés, Dark Chocolate Strawberry Carrés, and our Executive Chef Chocolatier’s favorite GODIVA pieces. 32 pcs.

大家都說在馬年出生的人總是有精彩豐富的人生,就像這個耀眼的限量豪華禮盒 。充滿富貴喜氣,令人讚歎的外盒是Lady Godiva乘坐在奔騰的馬匹,打開後是八顆Lady Godiva巧克力(包含白巧克力夏威夷果仁與鳳梨、牛奶巧克力櫻桃杏仁以及黑巧克力焦糖香梨) ,精緻組合還加上香脆的片裝牛奶巧克力、片裝草莓黑巧克力以及巧克力大師最為讚賞的其它GODIVA巧克力 。 32顆裝。


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