Chocolate with nuts

Nuts About GODIVA

Got a thing for mixing salty and sweet? Creamy and crunchy?
We know just what you’re craving.

Nut Lovers Truffle flight features six nut chocolate truffles
Almonds and Pecans
And Walnuts, Oh My!
With the Nut Lovers Truffle Flight, GODIVA truffles reach nutty dimensions. Savor our rich roasts, intense creamy fillings and that satisfying crunch.



The Nut Lovers Truffle Flight

Salted Almond truffle

Salted Almond Truffle

Hazelnut crunch truffle

Hazelnut Crunch Truffle

pecan caramel truffle

Pecan Caramel Truffle

butterscotch walnut truffle

Buttterscotch Walnut Truffle

The Nut Lovers Truffle Flight

maple walnut truffle

Maple Walnut Truffle

pistachio truffle

Pistachio Truffle



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Nut and caramel gift box
Crispy, Crunchy
Creamy Perfection
Big, bold and absolutely irresistible, The Nut and Caramel Gift Box was created for GODIVA fans who appreciate a little more bite in their chocolate.
Chocolate covered nuts

Go Nuts!

GODIVA has crunchy chocolates and treats for all the nut-friendly folks in your life.

Milk chocolate covered cashews

Roasted buttery cashews embraced in milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate Whole Cashews

Caramel pecan chocolate bark

Melt-in-your-mouth and crunch-out-loud goodness

Caramel Pecan Bark Gift Tin

caramel and nut truffle
caramel and nut truffle

It’s like a blissful bite of a caramel hazelnut fudge brownie

Wrapped Caramel Nut Brownie Truffles

chocolate pecan biscuit

Buttery pecan chocolaty treats for a scrumptious snack

Pecan Chocolate Chip Sablés Biscuit