GODIVA Debuts Exclusive Charitable FEED 8 GODIVA Origins Collection

GODIVA & FEED Will Feed 300,000 Children Around the World Through Ongoing Collaborations in 2012

NEW YORK, NY (July 17, 2012) – Today, GODIVA announced that as part of their corporate philanthropy initiative, “The Lady GODIVA Program,” the legendary Chocolatier will again partner with FEED Projects to launch a new line of charitable, limited edition chocolates, the FEED 8 GODIVA Origins Collection. Following the success and 200,000 school meals donated through the GODIVA FEED 10 bags introduced at Mother’s Day, GODIVA and FEED are continuing their partnership to give back to communities in need. Available in GODIVA boutiques starting November 1, the indulgent collection and initiative pledges to feed 80,000 impoverished children around the world this holiday season, and furthers GODIVA’s commitment to giving back in cocoa producing regions. After this program’s completion, GODIVA will have provided over 300,000 school meals to children worldwide, through its collaboration with FEED Projects.

The eight piece FEED 8 GODIVA Origins Collection features chocolates that originate from key cocoa producing nations, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador and Uganda. Each collection box will provide eight school meals to children in Ecuador and Uganda. The collection features four flavors, with two pieces of each flavor in every box, each using local beans from the country of origin to exude cultural flavor. The collection flavors include:

-Ecuador Dark 71%: An exceptional dark chocolate, made with Forastero Nacional beans, and highlighted by a delicate cocoa taste and fruity nuances.

-Costa Rica Milk 38%: A creamy milk chocolate, made with Trinitario beans that combines a warm and subtle flavor of roasted cocoa with accents of olive and wood.

-Uganda Dark 80%: A supreme dark chocolate, made with Forastero Nacional beans, with an intense cocoa taste refined with earthy and smokey notes.

-Venezuela Milk 43%: An exquisite and delicate, rich milk chocolate, made with Criollo and Trinitario beans, featuring strong hints of hazelnut, caramel and vanilla.

In May, GODIVA introduced the FEED 10 bag, the first product created as part of this partnership. The charitable bags were sold in GODIVA boutiques nationwide and through this effort the company donated 200,000 school meals to children in cocoa-producing regions in Africa. This holiday season, the FEED 8 GODIVA Origins Collection initiative will pledge an additional 80,000 meals, and through other support opportunities with FEED throughout 2012, bringing the total number of meals donated by GODIVA to over 300,000 in less than a year.

These meals are distributed through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to help support school feeding operations specifically in cocoa-sourcing regions. According to the WFP, one in seven people go to bed hungry every night, and hunger and malnutrition kill more people than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. WFP provides school meals to an average of 22 million children every year in more than 60 countries. As more FEED products are introduced into stores, many more school meals will be provided throughout the two year partnership between GODIVA and FEED.

“With the gift of the FEED 8 GODIVA Origins Collection for the holiday, consumers will not only be showing their friends and family members love and appreciation, but they will also be making a difference in children’s lives,” says Lauri Kien Kotcher, Chief Marketing Officer of GODIVA Chocolatier.

The limited edition FEED 8 GODIVA Origins Collection is an 8 piece set available at GODIVA boutiques nationwide for $25 a box.

About FEED Projects
After witnessing the effects of hunger firsthand when traveling as a WFP Honorary Spokesperson, Lauren Bush Lauren co-founded FEED Projects in 2007 with the mission of creating good products that help FEED the world. Every product sold has a measurable donation attached to it and, over the past five years, FEED has been able to provide nearly 60 million meals globally through the UN World Food Programme. FEED has also supported nutrition programs around the world and in the US through organizations such as UNICEF and DonorsChoose.org and forged successful relationships with companies such as Disney, Pottery Barn, Clarins, Whole Foods, Gap, Amazon, HSN, Bergdorf Goodman, Links of London, Judith Leiber and Godiva. FEED products are made with either environmentally-friendly or artisan-made materials and are available online and at retail locations around the world. For more information, please visit www.feedprojects.com.

About Lauren Bush Lauren
Lauren Bush Lauren is the Chief FEEDer and Co-Founder of FEED Projects, a company with the simple mission of creating good products that help FEED the world. In 2004, Lauren became the Honorary Student Spokesperson for the UN World Food Programme. In that role, she traveled to six countries around the world and learned about the issues of hunger and poverty firsthand. Coming back to America, Lauren was inspired to do more and create something that would engage young people and consumers like herself in the seemingly overwhelming fight to end world hunger. In 2005, she conceptualized the idea for FEED by designing the initial FEED 1 bag, which feeds one child in school for one year. Lauren is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of the FEED Foundation.

About United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)
WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting malnutrition and hunger worldwide. Each year, on average WFP feeds more than 90 million people in more than 70 countries. WFP now provides RSS feeds to help journalists keep up with the latest press releases, videos and photos as they are published on WFP.org. For more details see http://www.wfp.org/rss.

About GODIVA Chocolatier
GODIVA was founded 85 years ago in Brussels, Belgium and since then, has grown to become the global leader in premium chocolates. GODIVA is one of the most widely recognized chocolate brands in the world, and one that consumers universally associate with prestige, elegance and quality. From its famous truffles and shellmolded chocolate pieces to its European-style biscuits, gourmet coffees, and hot cocoa, GODIVA Chocolatier is dedicated to excellence and innovation in the Belgian tradition. Most recently, GODIVA has expanded into baked goods and desserts, delighting customers with innovative products such as brownies, cakes and chocolate dipped items, defining itself as the destination for chocolate. www.GODIVA.com.

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