Our Latest Innovations

"When it comes to chocolate, I am always filled with ideas. My chefs and I gather in our kitchen, surround ourselves with gorgeous ingredients and create a little something that you have never experienced before. We push ourselves to always surprise and delight our biggest fans – like you.”
- Thierry Muret, Executive Chef GODIVA 

GODIVA Chocolate Oyster Collection

The classic Open Oyster has long been an iconic chocolate in the GODIVA portfolio, with its smooth hazelnut praline filling inside a delicate milk chocolate oyster shell. Now, GODIVA chefs have created three new flavors - Dark Chocolate Almond, Milk Chocolate Pecan, and White Chocolate Pistachio – to create the GODIVA Chocolate Oyster Collection. Available exclusively in GODIVA boutiques, mix and match to try all four, then create your own collection of favorites.
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Flavors of the World Collection

Curated by GODIVA’s international chefs, Flavors of the World is inspired by their culinary journeys across the globe, and the unique local ingredients they have encountered. The chocolates incorporate deliciously surprising flavor profiles to allow chocolate lovers to travel the world in six bites.

Developed by GODIVA’s Chef Chocolatiers stationed across the globe, Flavors of the World debuts six pieces incorporating GODIVA’s rich, Belgian chocolate with ingredients the chefs have come to love through their training and travels, such as Kuromitsu molasses from Japan (Japanese Dark Sugar Ganache) and speculoos, a traditional Belgian cookie (Sirop de Liege with Speculoos). Other regions represented in the box include China (Black Tea Mousse & Sichuan Pepper), Brazil (Brazilian Coffee Nut Praliné), United States (Honey Roasted Caramel) and South Africa (Banana & Caramelized Coconut).
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Mid-Autumn Festival Chocolate Mooncakes

Back by popular demand, GODIVA has debuted a new collection of limited-edition chocolate mooncakes in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. First successfully introduced in Asia seven years ago, GODIVA chocolate mooncakes have previously only been available in select U.S. markets. This year, the limited-edition GODIVA chocolate mooncake collection is available in select boutiques in the U.S. and Canada with new tea and fruit flavors that capture the spirit of the holiday.

“When you taste our chocolate mooncake collection this year, you’ll really experience the various textures and flavors, with the crunchiness of the grapefruit mousse, cocoa nibs and hazelnuts balancing out the creaminess of the ginger-spiced mandarin orange mousse, macadamia cream and green tea chocolate ganache,” said Thierry Muret, executive chef chocolatier at GODIVA.
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Trufflelata™— A Truffle in Every Sip

Trufflelata™ offers a new, fresh twist on the traditional GODIVA shake by providing a customized delectable treat experience blended with GODIVA premium truffles – it’s a truffle in every sip.

Unique in the frozen beverage category, GODIVA Trufflelata™ is the newest authentic Belgian chocolate offering from GODIVA and is available in six delicious flavors, including Chocolate Lava Cake, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Crème, Hazelnut Crunch, Milk Chocolate and Oreo® Cookie.

To create the GODIVA Trufflelata™, the truffle of choice is selected and then blended into the beverage to create a personalized shake. With the blending of these premium truffles, GODIVA’s traditional shakes are transformed into a creamy and satisfying frozen treat.
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GODIVA Soft Serve

GODIVA Soft Serve is a new twist on the frozen treat experience, offering authentic, premium Belgian chocolate in a cone. Rich and creamy, GODIVA Soft Serve is available in three delicious flavors: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Vanilla Bean and Swirl. GODIVA Soft Serve can be enjoyed in a Belgian waffle cone dipped in dark or milk Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with praline almonds, making each bite uniquely fresh and deeply satisfying. Cones are also available with or without chocolate and nuts. Available exclusively in GODIVA boutiques.
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