Our Latest Innovations

"When it comes to chocolate, I am always filled with ideas. My chefs and I gather in our kitchen, surround ourselves with gorgeous ingredients and create a little something that you have never experienced before. We push ourselves to always surprise and delight
our biggest fans – like you.”
- Thierry Muret, Executive Chef GODIVA 


November 2013: Legacy Truffles

The Legacy Truffle Collection is a new decadent collection handcrafted to pay tribute to GODIVA’s rich heritage, steadfast family traditions and the evolution of our iconic truffles. Imported exclusively from Belgium and available for the first time in North America for the holiday season, this family of truffles celebrates GODIVA’s Chef Chocolatiers’ commitment to artistry that has been passed down and perfected over the years. Each of the four treasured truffles featured in the collection tells a unique story of GODIVA’s heritage, beginning with the 1946 Original Dark Truffle and its evolution with the Gingerbread Cookie Truffle, Black Pearl Tahitian Vanilla Truffle and Honey Vanilla Mousse Truffle.


Fall 2013: Truffle Flights™

Get ready to experience truffles as you never have before. Much like wine flights, GODIVA Truffle Flights are an exploration of flavors, textures and aromas. Our Executive Chef Chocolatier, Thierry Muret, personally selected the truffles in each of our Truffle Flights, placing them in order for the ideal tasting experience. Choose from six Truffle Flights, including Nut Lovers, Dark Decadence, and Heavenly Mousse.


Summer 2013: Cocktail Inspired Truffles

Easy, breezy, and oh so refreshing! This summer, treat yourself or a loved one to our delightful Cocktail Inspired Truffles. Reminiscent of sipping cocktails in the summer sun, try our new Mojito, Chocolatini, Peach Bellini & Strawberry Banana Daiquiri Truffles.  They are sure to make your summer that much more relaxing!


Summer 2013: Ultimate Dessert Truffles

Save room for the Ultimate Dessert Truffles. Made for those craving a culinary adventure – our Ultimate Dessert Truffles are inspired by our favorite cakes, pastries & tarts. Try some our favorites, including Chocolate Lava Cake, Crème Brulee and Red Velvet. Yum! 


Seasonal: Freshly Made Truffles

What’s better than freshly made truffles, decorated with whimsical decorates to suit your fancy? This past year, GODIVA launched its Freshly Made Truffles, the perfect indulgence on-the-go. Hear how Chef David Funaro was inspired to create this new collection:

“Making Freshly Made Truffles and Truffle Pops have been one of my favorite adventures. As we continue to see the trend of petite desserts on rise, we knew we could make our beloved truffles even more appropriate for parties, events, and instant treats if we could add a whimsical touch and …a lollipop stick! Our first collection has received rave reviews from GODIVA fans all over North America. Stay tuned more eye candy throughout the year!”  - David Funaro, Senior Chef


Spring 2013: Introducing Mousse Chocolates

Our Mousse Chocolates are light as air. The crisp snap of the chocolate shell gives way to an airy sensation of whipped ganache in five extraordinary flavors: smooth milk chocolate; refreshing strawberry; tropical passion fruit and white chocolate; delectable hazelnut and milk chocolate; and luscious dark chocolate. Five unique chocolates, each one whipped to perfection.


Valentine's Day 2013: Jaime Hayon

One of the most influential artists of the last decade, Spanish artist Jaime Hayon is renowned for bold shapes bright colors & intricate designs. His work influenced our chefs to create a trio of whimsical, limited-edition chocolate pieces & decorated Ballotins just in time for Valentine's Day.



Spring 2012: Cake Truffles

Make desserts that much sweeter … with our newest creation, Cake Truffles! Our very own Thierry Muret, Executive Chef GODIVA teamed up with the Ace of Cakes himself, Duff Goldman, in creating four irresistible truffles: Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough, Butterscotch Walnut Brownie and Pineapple Hummingbird. They're the perfect serving of cake in a classic GODIVA delivery paired with the contagious culinary passion and imagination of Duff Goldman.

“With Duff’s unique style and playful imagination, plus luscious GODIVA chocolate, we created little celebrations in every bite.” - Thierry Muret, Executive Chef GODIVA

“Each truffle tastes like the cakes we make at the bakery. It’s incredible!” - Chef Duff Goldman, star of Ace of Cakes.


Holiday 2011: Parfait Chocolates

The most perfect parfait ever! True to its definition, meaning “Perfect” in French, our Parfaits are sophisticated and beautiful with layers of exquisite flavors and textures. They are a rare treat for the chocolate connoisseur in you. Enjoy these little cups of delicate flavors, including Salted Caramel, Raspberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cream Truffle and more.