Nothing is better than Pairing Chocolate with Wine

Pairing your favorite GODIVA with the right wine will create an unforgettable sensory experience. For the optimal tasting experience, start with lighter wines and finish with more full-bodied wines.

Smell wine...

Twirl the wine in a glass and breathe in all of the aromas in a long, smooth whiff.

Look at Chocolate...

Note the decoration, sheen, and if possible the perceived flavor.

Smell Chocolate...

Lightly rub the chocolate's exterior, place towards the nose and smell the chocolate to stimulate your senses.

Taste Chocolate...

Take a small bite and rest the tongue for 10-15 seconds. Notice how different aspects of the chocolate's compositon melt at different times, and your senses highlight multiple flavors throughout the experience.

Taste Wine...

Take a sip of wine and sense the balance and complexity of the chocolate and wine on your palette.
Start to move the chocolate around your mouth and lightly bite.


Entertain your guests by pairing large bars from our Belgian Chocolate Bar Collection with the suggested wines for a new GODIVA experience:


Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Chardonnay
A Chardonnay with chilled, fruity aromas and hints of baking spices is a pleasing complement to our milk and dark chocolate covered strawberries. 
Also try: Key Lime Truffle

31% Cacao Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel & Pinot Noir
An intense wine with lower sugar content is perfect with this buttery, salty chocolate to maximize a sweet and savory combination. 
Also try: Macadamia Mosaic

72% Cacao Dark Chocolate & Sparkling Shiraz
A medium bodied Shiraz with some mocha bitterness, balances well with the high cocoa content of our dark chocolate. 
Also try: Double Chocolate Rasberry Truffle

72% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Cabernet Sauvignon
The wine’s bold fruit aromas and flavors like red plum and boysenberry harmonize well with the nutty flavor and texture of this large bar.
Also try: Extra Dark Truffle

50% Cacao Dark Chocolate Sea Salt & Malbec
A red with notes of sweet berries, wrapped in chocolate and cloves, balances well with the rich cocoa and hint of sea salt.
Also try: Cherry Cordial