Gold Ballotins

What's in a name... the iconic gold ballotin is our beautifully decorated gold box that is almost as wonderful as the assorted chocolates inside.

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  • $50.00 (36 Pieces)
  • $30.00 (19 Pieces)
  • $90.00 (70 Pieces)
  • $50.00 (36 Pieces)
  • $30.00 (19 Pieces)
  • $90.00
While the gourmet GODIVA chocolates inside these beautiful gold ballotins are the true delight for recipients, the ballotin boxes themselves are pretty special too. The colorful bow decorating the top means you don’t even need to wrap these candy boxes when you hand them out as gifts. Just choose the assortment of delicious GODIVA chocolates you want to share with your loved one, and you have a beautiful gift they are sure to appreciate – one that will be appreciated on both the outside and inside.

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