Boutique Exclusive Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Our handmade chocolate dipped strawberries are a bestseller for a reason: they’re incredible! Each sweet, juicy strawberry is picked at the peak of ripeness and specially selected for Godiva, and covered with a generous layer of our finest milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Sealed With a Kiss

Think of that delicious dip into Godiva chocolate as one big kiss and you’ll understand why giving our famous strawberries to your loved one will result in pure joy. Chocolate kissed strawberries, what a delicious way to express your love!


Pre-order your chocolate covered strawberries at least 24 hours in advance. Feel free to mix and match chocolates in each gift box (six strawberries per box) — choose from milk dark or white chocolate.

Available exclusively at GODIVA boutiques. Find your nearest GODIVA boutiques.